Create a recruiting event

Overview: As a Coach, you can quickly add new recruiting events in Spry Recruiting. With recruiting events, you can create evaluations, phone calls, visits, off-campus contact, and other events. These events will appear on your calendar. 

  1. Navigate to Recruiting, then "Recruiting Events". 
  2. Select the blue "Create" button and select "New recruiting event".
  3. Then, complete all required fields for the recruiting event. Here, you will need to add:
    • Event Name
    • Event Type
    • Event Start and End Dates
    • PSA Attendees
    • Additional Coach Attendees (if applicable)
    • Location
  4. You can also set reminders and add notes.
  5. When finished, click "Create event".
  6. Your event will now be created. Once approved by an admin, it will be added to your personal calendar. 

See Coach use case pictured below. Note: In this example, a coach is attending a college showcase tournament and has selected the event type "Evaluation":


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