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Overview: With Spry, we make it easy to find and view your Student Athlete's class schedules in one place. 

1. On your homepage, under "Filters," type in the name(s) of your SA(s).
*Please note, you can add up to 5 SAs at once!
Image 2-1-24 at 11.06 AM.jpeg

2. After you type in the name, click "Apply Filters" at the bottom. The screen will refresh and show you the selected student-athletes' events.Image 2-1-24 at 11.06 AM.jpegImage 2-1-24 at 11.07 AM.jpeg


1. Click on "Roster Management" on the navigation bar. Image 2-1-24 at 11.20 AM.jpeg

2. Then search for your student-athlete via the search bar. 

Image 2-1-24 at 11.20 AM (1).jpeg

3.. Click on the name of your athlete to take you to the student profile.Image 2-1-24 at 11.08 AM.jpeg

4. Click on "Class Schedule" in the listing on the left to find all classes for the selected SA.  Image 2-1-24 at 11.08 AM (1).jpeg

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