Configure In-Season Sports Segment

Overview: Learn how to configure a team's sports segment.

Configure your Segment

1. Select "Calendar" on the top horizontal navigation bar and click "In-Season Sports" from the dropdown.

2. On the far right, under "Actions," you can enter your segment configuration. 

Image 12-19-23 at 10.11 AM.jpeg

3. Click the pencil icon next to the sport you wish to configure, then click the blue "Add Segment" at the top right corner. Image 2-28-24 at 2.38 PM.jpeg

4. On the far left, you will choose your segment by the Season, Type, Start day of the Week, and Segment Dates.

Image 2-28-24 at 2.38 PM.jpegUntitled design.gif

5. Once your Segment is chosen, choose your "Weekly Off Day" and "Non-countable Days." After your days are chosen, you will see a "Playing Season Calculator" on the right side of the window. Image 2-28-24 at 3.15 PM.jpeg

6. Click the blue "Save" to add your segment. 

7. Be sure to add all segments by following this process.

Edit your Segment

1. Click the pencil icon next to the sport you want to edit, then click your segment under "Segment Name.

Image 12-19-23 at 10.11 AM.jpeg

Image 3-1-24 at 10.31 AM.jpeg

2. Once you've made your edits, click "Save."

Image 2-28-24 at 3.16 PM.jpeg

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