Defining Short Form Question Types

Overview: As an Admin or Coach, you can choose from a variety of question types when creating a short form in Paperwork. This guide discusses the available question types.

Note: When creating a short form, every question will have the option to make a question mandatory. If selected, this will REQUIRE the respondent to answer the question. If not selected, the respondent can leave the question blank. 

Question type options

Learn the various question types that can be added to a Spry short form. 

Text: Simple, text-based question in which the respondent inputs text. Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 12.51.17 PM.png

Multiple Choice: Text-based question in which the respondent has multiple options to select. This option is recommended when the user has less than five options.
Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 4.05.53 PM.png

Signature: Allows users to provide a digital signature directly from their mobile device. Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 12.51.41 PM.png

Date: Allows users to select a date directly from a calendar.

Image 12-20-23 at 12.52 PM.jpeg

Statement: This option requires no action from the user. This should be used to share instructions or any message that doesn’t need a response. The user can also include a link within this option. Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 1.02.15 PM.png

Legal: Allows the user to accept/not accept a statement. Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 12.52.58 PM.png

Dropdown: Allows the user to single or multiple select options. This option is best used when the user has more than five options.

Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 12.53.09 PM.jpeg

Attachment: Allows the user to attach one or multiple files.  Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 4.05.30 PM.png

Website Link: Allows the user to paste a website link as the answer formatted in http:// or https://Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 12.53.30 PM.png

Matrix: Allows the user to build a table.

Image 12-20-23 at 3.23 PM.jpeg

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