View, Download & Export Forms

Overview: In SpryConnect, Coaches can quickly view, download, and export forms. 

  1. Begin in your Coach portal.
  2. Navigate to “Paperwork”.
  3. To check on forms you have sent...
    • You can click the blue “Sent” banner.
    • OR you can click on “Form Management” 
  4. Locate a form you have sent.
  5. Then, select the “see details” button.Image 12-20-23 at 12.04 PM.jpeg
  6. Here, you can view the status of the form for each student-athlete on your roster. 
    • You will see “Not Started”, “Viewed”, and “Completed”
  7. Want to remind a student-athlete to complete the form? Click the “Send Reminder” button next to their name which will notify the student-athlete to complete the form.Image 12-20-23 at 12.05 PM.jpeg
  8. Once a form has been completed, you can view the individual completed form. Simply click the “View Form” button next to those that are completed.
    • Here, you can see their question responses and add a quick comment or note.
  9. If you’d like to collect all form responses in one, easy to view CSV, click the “Export Answers via CSV” link at the top of the "See details" window.Image 12-20-23 at 12.05 PM.jpeg

See Coach use case below:


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