Sending Mass Communication Messages

Overview: As an Admin, you can send mass communication to make sure your student-athletes, coaches, or other administrators receive your information in a timely manner. Rather than relying on email, Spry makes communication fast and efficient. 

  1. Begin in your Admin portal.
  2. Navigate to “Messages” icon in top right corner
  3. Mass communication can be sent to all school admins, all coaches, all student-athletes, or any combination of these groups. 
  4. Click the “new” button in the top right corner of the screen. 
  5. First, select your intended audience.
  6. Create an announcement title
  7. Then, add the announcement message text. Here, you can include text and even link to important information.
    • To add a link, highlight the text you wish to link.
    • Then, click the hyperlink button. 
    • Paste the link into the box. 
    • Click "Save". 
  8. When finished, click “send”.
  9. Now, all users within the audience you selected will be immediately notified of your mass communication and can view the message from the app. 

See Admin use case below:


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