Sending Mass Communication Message

Overview: Spry's Mass Communication feature makes it easy to share major updates and send reminders to your department and student-athletes with a click of a button. 

1. Open the messages feature via the icon in the top right corner.Image 2-21-24 at 10.53 AM.jpeg

2. Click the blue "New" button and then click "Mass Communication."Image 2-21-24 at 10.53 AM (1).jpeg

3. The next screen gives you the option to send the message to any number of user groups:

  • School Admins
  • Coaches: Click the dropdown to send to multiple roles: Head Coach, Assistant Coach, etc.
  • Student-Athletes: Click the dropdown to choose by class year.

Image 2-21-24 at 12.14 PM.jpeg

4. Enter your title and message at the bottom of the screen. You can also attach URLs to your text by clicking the chainlink icon or attach up to 5 documents using the attachment icon.Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 1.28.49 PM.png

5. Once your message is complete, you can send it instantly by clicking "Send" or schedule it for later. Click the arrow icon next to the blue "Send" button, and then you can choose one of the options available or click "Custom Time" to select a specific date and time. Once your date and time are chosen, click "Schedule Message". Image 2-21-24 at 12.39 PM.jpeg

Image 2-21-24 at 12.39 PM (1).jpeg

6. If scheduled, you can edit or delete your message by clicking "Scheduled Messages" at the top of the screen. The number of pending messages is shown in parentheses.Image 2-21-24 at 12.39 PM.jpeg

7. When viewing scheduled messages, the icons on the right allow you to Edit, Delete, Reschedule, or Send Now.

Image 2-21-24 at 12.40 PM.jpeg

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