Bulk roster changes

Overview: As a Coach, you can easily make updates to your roster. This guide will show you how to change roster status and move your roster to the next academic year.

1. Select the "Roster" icon on the side navigation bar.

2. Click "Roster Management".

3. From your roster, select the check boxes next to a student-athlete's name. 

4. After selecting a student-athlete, options to bulk edit your roster will appear at the top of the roster.

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Change Roster Status

Learn how to edit a student-athlete's roster status in Spry.

1. Select the box next to a student-athlete. You can select multiple or all student athletes to update their roster status. Don't see roster status as an option? You can add it to your view by customizing your columns.

2. At the top of the roster, select the "Roster Status" dropdown.

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3. Choose the status you wish to apply to your selected student-athletes. 

4. After choosing the status, select "Request Change".

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5. Your change request will now be submitted to your admin for review. Once approved, it will be reflected on your roster.


Move Student-Athletes to Next Year's Roster

Learn how to add existing student-athletes to the next academic year.

1. Select all student-athletes who should be moved to next year's roster

2. At the top of the roster, select "Add to Next Academic Year".

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