Add custom field to SA profile

Overview: Admin can create a custom field on a student-athlete's profile to organize and store important information.

Customize fields in SA profile

Save custom fields to the SA profile.

Use the SA profile as the central location for all student-athlete information. Within the SA profile, you can create custom data fields in order to organize important information about your student-athletes.

  1. Navigate to "Roster Management" on the vertical navigation bar.
  2. From your roster, select any student-athlete's profile by clicking their name
  3. Navigate to the tab where you wish to add a custom field. You can create custom fields under the Demographic and Academics tabs.
  4. Once on the tab, click the light blue "+ Add datafield" in the top right corner of the tab.Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 12.02.55 PM.png
  5. A window will appear to create your custom datafield. For example, you may wish to add a student-athlete's Residence Hall or Clubs/Activities. 
  6. Type the name of the new datafield
  7. Add a value for this student-athlete. For example, if you've named the field "Residence Hall", the value is the name of the student-athlete's Residence Hall.
  8. Last, choose whether to add this datafield to only this SA OR all student-athletes on your roster. Adding to all SAs on the roster will simply add the field, not the value you've typed for this particular student-athlete.


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