Creating & Sending Messages

Overview: As a Coach, you can message student-athletes, other coaches, or school administrators. With Spry's messaging tool, you can create individual or multi-person group chats. Reminder: As a coach, you will have a pre-created group chat for your team.

Create a Group Chat

1. Click the message icon on the left navigation bar; the following screen will take you to Spry's message center.

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2. Click the blue "New Message" button at the top right to view your group chat options.

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3. Next, you will add members to your message. Click the tabs at the top of the screen to toggle between "Student-Athletes", "Coaches", or "School Admins". Then, add your members by selecting from the following options:

  • Add individually: allows you to search for individual members.
  • Add by team: allows you to select an entire team.
  • Add by class: allows you to select by class year.
  • Add by tags: allows you to choose pre-created groups of SAs that you have tagged on your roster.

Image 2-13-24 at 9.48 AM.jpeg

Untitled design.gif

 4. You can preview your selected members on the far right side of the screen. Click "Next" to continue to create the chat. 

Image 2-13-24 at 9.55 AM.jpeg

5. On the following screen, name your group chat and click "Create Group" at the bottom.

Image 2-13-24 at 9.56 AM.jpeg

6. To delete or add people to the group chat, click the gear shift icon in the top right corner of the message.

Image 2-13-24 at 9.57 AM.jpegImage 2-13-24 at 9.58 AM.jpeg


Sending Messages


Image 2-13-24 at 11.02 AM.jpeg

1. In the "Type your message" area, you can customize your message:

  • Bold
  • Italicize 
  • Strikethrough
  • Create Bullets
  • Create List
  • Chainlink Icon: Allows you to attach links to text 
  • Paperclip: Allows you to add attachments such as videos, documents, meeting notes, diagrams

Image 2-13-24 at 11.03 AM.jpeg

2. By clicking the "+" icon you can create an "Announcement, New Event, or Send Form"

Announcement: Creates a banner message at the top of the screen that allows you to choose how long you want it posted. 

New Event: Guides you on creating an event and adding attendees. Once completed, the event will be added to your calendar. 

Send Form: Gives the option to send forms created in paperwork to your SA. 

Image 2-13-24 at 11.04 AM.jpeg

3. Your group has direct access to respond to your message, and they can also leave emojis on messages they like.  To see who has viewed your message, click the "i" next to it.

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