How to create and submit a disclosure?

Step 1: Select ‘Disclosures’ and ‘Create a new disclosure’ from the dropdown menu or click ‘Start a disclosure’ from the homepage.

Step 2: Select the appropriate disclosure type (Click on the disclosure name to see a definition of each disclosure type) and click ‘next.’ 

Step 3: Proceed with disclosure details. 

Step 4: Confirm the details of disclosure are accurate. 

Step 5: Agree to attestations. 

Step 6: Review/confirm the disclosure details and “Swipe up to submit’ to send for Admin approval.

Step 7: you will be able to see your submitted disclosures under “pending” on Disclosures page


Please note, if you don’t complete the disclosure process, it will be saved as a draft and can be accessed/continued via the ‘Drafts’ tab in ‘Disclosures.’

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