Add or Delete an Attachment from a Disclosure

Overview: As an Admin, there will be times that you will need to add attributing attachments to your student-athletes disclosures after they submit them. This article will show you how to add and delete attachments. 

Add an attachment

Learn how to add an attachment to an NIL disclosure

1. Navigate to "NIL" and click "All Disclosures."

Image 1-9-24 at 10.31 AM.jpeg

2. Choose a disclosure, click the three-dotted icon on the far right, and click " See Details."Image 1-9-24 at 10.49 AM.jpeg

3. Scroll down to "Support Documents" and click the "Upload

Image 1-9-24 at 11.11 AM.jpeg

4. Choose the file you are uploading, and the page will refresh with the file attached. Image 1-9-24 at 11.55 AM.jpeg

Delete an attachment

Learn how to delete an attachment from an NIL disclosure

1. Press the red "x" next to the attachment to delete the upload. Then click "Yes" on the following screen to confirm deletion. 

Image 1-9-24 at 11.55 AM.jpeg

Image 1-9-24 at 11.59 AM.jpeg




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