Educational Content Types

Overview: With Spry, you can create your own educational content for your student-athletes.Image 1-25-24 at 2.03 PM.jpeg



Best for creating readings and bullet points for student-athletes to understand a concept in plain text. Limit 7500 words

Ex. Create an article for transfer student-athletes on how to get better acclimated with the university. 


Upload your PowerPoint as a PDF for the student-athletes to view the deck horizontally on their phones. File size should be smaller than 20 MB

Ex. Create a PDF of your student-athlete handbook.


Upload the video directly via a YouTube link, Google Drive link (vertical video friendly), or Vimeo link. File size should be smaller than 20 MB

Ex. Upload the YouTube link of your sexual harassment seminar.


Create a quiz to see if your student-athletes can evaluate if they understand the educational content.

Ex. Create a 5-question quiz about the different disclosure types.


Create a course on a specific topic by adding different articles, presentations, videos, and quizzes. 

Ex. Create a NIL intro course using articles and quizzes available on the platform.

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