Disclosure Filters

Overview: As an Admin, you can customize the view of your student-athlete's disclosures.

1. Click' NIL' on your web platform, then open 'All Disclosures.' Image 1-9-24 at 10.31 AM.jpeg

2. Underneath the search bar, you will find different filters to customize your view of the submitted disclosures.


Hover over "Sport" to view disclosures submitted by specific teams. Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 9.31.23 AM.jpeg


This filter can show you disclosures that have been Approved, Pending, Rejected, or Changed Requested.Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 9.33.11 AM.jpeg


Shows you the variety of disclosures, and a further breakdown of the disclosure types is listed below.

Image 1-24-24 at 12.12 PM.jpeg



Types of Disclosures


These opportunities include being paid for in-person attendance - such as attending an event like a car wash, grand opening, birthday, etc.


Autograph opportunities are simple; you are compensated for providing your signature. They come in many shapes and sizes: you can attend an event and sign signatures for guests, sign trading cards, or just sign a one-off item for a fan. Whether 100 signatures or a single signature (for compensation), it must be disclosed to your institution. 


Camp opportunities usually involve multiple attendees receiving tutorials and/or training. While they come in multiple forms, camps generally stretch over multiple days and may require you to purchase insurance, hire trainers, provide lunch, etc. Clinics are similar but may consist of fewer attendees, require less setup, and are typically shorter in duration. 


Crowdfunding opportunities include soliciting funds for nonprofits, catastrophic events, family hardships, educational expenses (not included in your cost of attendance), and business activities (e.g. soliciting venture capital).


Endorsement opportunities include being paid for your endorsement (name, image, or likeness) of any commercial products. These opportunities range from a sponsored Instagram post about your favorite products to being featured on a billboard endorsing a law firm.


Memorabilia opportunities include being paid for items you own - such as your youth soccer jersey, conference championship ring, or even NFTs. You can also create your merchandise to sell, but it CANNOT have institutional marks associated with it without consent from your school. Also, you CANNOT be paid by selling items provided by your school until you have exhausted your eligibility. 


Podcast opportunities involve student-athletes being compensated for their participation in a podcast. Such opportunities can include involvement as you host, guest-hosting, or perhaps promoting an item on the podcast.

Private Lessons 

Private lesson opportunities include being paid to provide tutorials and training. Private lessons most commonly occur with one to three individuals and generally do not consist of multiple-day sessions.

NIL On-Demand

On-demand disclosures include being compensated for utilizing a service where the payment can include multiple transactions at non-specific times. Examples include Cameo, Yoke Gaming, Twitch, etc. 


This refers to the category of conflicts that the opportunity is disrupting.

State Legislation Conflict: This may violate state law, depending on the details of the opportunity.

University: This conflict goes against university guidelines or NIL policy rules your athletic department has instituted. Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 9.33.24 AM.jpeg

Date Range

You can filter disclosures by a specific date range.  Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 9.33.38 AM.jpeg





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