Assign to Student-Athletes

Overview: As an Admin, you can assign your educational content with your student-athletes.

1. Click 'Education' in the far right corner, then click 'Content Library.' Image 1-24-24 at 4.05 PM.jpeg

2. Click the three-dotted icon next to your content choice, then click 'Assign to SAs.' Image 1-24-24 at 5.08 PM.jpeg

3. Choose whether you want this content read by specific student-athletes OR all student-athletes. On the next screen, click 'Yes' and assign a due date for your SAs to read the content. Ex: Once published, your students will receive a notification in the Spry app.

Image 1-24-24 at 5.08 PM (1).jpeg   Image 1-24-24 at 5.27 PM.jpeg

4. The next screen will have you preview your content. Click 'Next' to confirm and 'Publish' to release the content to the platform. 


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