Deactivate Student-Athlete

Overview: As an Admin, there will be times when you have to remove an SA from the platform. This article will make that process seamless. 

1. Click 'Roster' at the top of the screen, then click 'Student Athletes' in the dropdown.Image 1-24-24 at 2.23 PM.jpeg

2. Click 'See All Student Athletes'.

3. Search for the student-athlete you wish to deactivate.

4. Select the SA's profile by clicking 'See Profile' next to their name.

Image 1-24-24 at 2.23 PM (1).jpeg Image 1-24-24 at 2.24 PM.jpeg

5. On the next screen, click 'Deactivate the SA' at the top right corner. Image 1-24-24 at 2.24 PM (1).jpeg

6. To deactivate multiple SAs, return to the 'All Student Athletes' page, then click the checkbox next to their name. After choosing your bulk list, click the 'Bulk Deactivate' button once it becomes clickable.

Image 1-24-24 at 2.27 PM.jpeg

7. Click 'Bulk Deactivate' to complete the deletion.

Image 1-24-24 at 2.47 PM.jpeg

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