How to Create/Upload an Article

Step 1: Select topic of article (administrative, brand & marketing, business law, campus 101, career development, financial literacy, NIL, sexual violence prevention, or other) and select ‘next.’

Step 2: Enter the name of your article, the content (text) of your article, and click the ‘next’ button.

Step 3: Enter your article information (Confirm Article Title, topic, enter Article Author/Source, Thumbnail, Article Description, and select if this is required viewing), then select ‘next’ to proceed.

Step 4: Choose which students you would like to have access to this article. If you select ‘specific student athletes,’ use the dropdown menus to select class, sport, team and/or major. Proceed by clicking the next button. 

Step 5: Review Course to ensure details are accurate and select ‘next’ to proceed.

Step 6: Choose ‘yes’ to publish the article.

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