Create a Travel Event (Itinerary)

Overview: Spry's calendar allows Coaches to create travel events where they can add their staff and student-athletes. This feature allows admin to easily communicate itinerary and plans for trips. 

  1. Navigate to your Calendar.
  2. Click into your calendar or select 'Create Event' to prompt the event details window.
  3. In the 'Event name' field, enter the name for this trip.
  4. Select the 'Travel' event category.
    Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 6.50.41 PM.png
  5. Add all attendees (coaches & student-athletes) via the attendees tab on the right.
  6. Input the start and end dates of the trip.
    *Please note, travel events can be a maximum of 3 days.

  7. Include an agenda or itinerary within each's day's text window.

  8. Use the 'Event Settings' window to include any misc. notes about the trip. 

Watch:Copy of Coach-Filtering.gif

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