Create a Repeating Event

Overview: As a Coach, you can create recurring events to quickly and efficiently setup your weekly or monthly schedule. 

1. Begin in your Coach portal.

2. Navigate to the "Calendar".

3. Click the blue "Create Event" button OR click on the calendar on your desired day/time. View the complete guide on creating events.

4. While creating an event, locate the "Event Settings" section of the event creation window. Then, select "Repeat Event".

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 9.39.15 PM.png

5. First, choose the frequency that you'd like this event to repeat. Then, identify on which days of the week you'd like this repeating event to occur. For example, if this practice occurs at the same times each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, click to select those days.

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 9.39.47 PM.png

6. When finished, click "Save" to continue with the event creation process. Once the event is created, you will see the recurring events appear on your calendar based on the schedule you've selected.

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