Creating A Small Group Event

Overview: As a Coach, you can create a calendar event with an individual, small group, or your entire team. In this case, we will learn how to create a small group event

  1. Begin in your Coach portal.
  2. Let’s learn how to create events for a select group of athletes or staff. These events can be things like film sessions, individual meetings, or coaches meetings. 
  3. Simply click on the date to add your event
    • OR you can click the blue “Create Event” in the top right of your screen.
  4. Select an event category.
  5. Enter your event’s time.
  6. Select the attendees.
    • You can select attendees by Individual, Team, Class, or Tag. See below:Coach
  7.  Next, enter the location of your event. 
  8. If you’d like, you can set a reminder
  9. And to make things easy, if this is a recurring event, simply select the frequency. 
  10. You can add any notes to communicate with your attendees.
  11. OR attach relevant documents or files, such as a scouting report, meeting agenda, or video. 
  12. When you’re done, click the blue “Create Event” button and you’re all set. 
  13. Your event will now appear on your calendar and the calendar of your attendees,
  14. Need to make changes? You can always click on the event to DELETE or EDIT.



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