Create an Event

Overview: As a Spry Admin, learn how to create events using Spry's Calendar feature.

1. On the main screen, click "Create Event" or click on the calendar on your desired date/time.

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Event Details

2. On the next screen, you will be prompted to fill out the details of your event. Based on the event name, Spry Smart Assistant will auto-select the category of your event (Note: You can always choose another category as you see fit).  

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Event Date & Time

3. When configuring the time and date of your event, with our new update, you can see if your event conflicts with any schedule. Click "Find A Time," "Click to add attendees here", choose your attendees, then proceed with "Add Attendees". This will add these individuals to your event. 

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Event Address/Facility 

4.  Once your attendees are added, you can scroll down to "Event Address/Facility" and input the location of your event. "Choose Location" allows you to put the physical address of your event. "Choose Facility" allows you to select a facility that has been created

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Event Settings

5.  Click "Event Settings" to create a reminder for the event and add any additional notes. 

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6. Once all steps are completed, click "Create Event" to post your event to the calendar. 

Sending Notifications

7. Finally, you have the option to send a notification (email and push notification) to the users.
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8. Your event will now appear on your calendar and the calendar of your attendees.

9. Need to make changes? Click on the event in your calendar to DELETE or EDIT.





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